8 Board Games That Will Never Bore You… Ever!

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Age is just a number, especially when it comes to board games. To be precise, age is just a number that determines the order of which you roll

the dice. Board games are crazy fun regardless of how old you are. Here are 8 board games that are fun no matter what the age. Sorry I’m not sorry, but Sorry is not on this list.

1. The Settlers Of Catan

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Never do I care more about wheat production, than I do in Settlers of Catan. This is a game of both luck and strategy, which makes it fun for kids, who rely mostly on luck and adults who rely mostly on luck but like to believe they are using strategy. It’s a Win Win! But it’s actually just a win, because there are no ties in Catan. I like to say it is a combination of Monopoly and Risk, but…

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Bored? So lets play a board game!

Call A Babysitter

I love board games so I was especially excited when the babysitting kids wanted to play Monopoly! Even better was that we played it during the youngest’s nap time so the house was quiet.


I was amazed at how well they, a seven year old and two five year olds, played and understood the game. Grant, the oldest, was the banker. Molli and Jenna practiced counting with moving their pieces.

Once the youngest woke up from his nap, each babysitting kid got an baggie (an envelope would work too) to save their money and properties. I wrote which place the babysitting kid was currently one and who’s turn it was on their baggie. Now next time, they can pick up the game right were they left off! Grant was excited about this because he was very serious about finishing a whole game.

Knowing this, the next time I went I put…

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